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Insurance is about catastrophe – so we don’t like to talk about it. The first thing anyone wants during a very difficult time though is a plan, not to think or consider options but to have a plan.

critical-illness-insurance- Regina Finan

Worby Wealth insurance planning is a little different, because we are more interested in ‘what happens if’ than we are if you have this insurance policy or that one.


We want our clients to have Health Care Directives (HCD) so no one finds themselves in the emergency room guessing about what measures to take. We want our clients to know what will happen if there is a disability so the insurance money side is not the mystery – in emergencies, there are already enough.

Eventually, we do discuss life insurance (10 out of 10 people die so it’s good to be prepared for it), Critical Illness , Disability coverage  and so on. If there is a shortfall or inefficiency, we’ll get it aired and make some decisions. But there will be fewer surprises and that’s what counts.

Contact Chris Worby, Regina, SK so we can get your  insurance needs reviewed and planned out today.

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