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Financial Planning 101

Amateurs think about tactics; professionals are concerned about logistics.  
This is our guiding principle. Buying stocks or bonds, insurance or GICs is not our concern. Putting the right tools in your hands to accomplish your goals is.

At Worby Wealth Management we build personal portfolios for each client using investments we know and managers we understand.


Wherever we are in the market cycle and wherever you are in your investment life, we can build an appropriate portfolio to suit your needs.

Whether you decide to retire early or work longer, the earlier you start planning, the more likely you will be financially prepared for retirement.

No matter where your household is on this spectrum, you need a plan. Having a plan to prepare for, transition to or enjoy your retirement is key.

RRSP, TFSA, JWROS, LIRA, insurance – every industry has their language and this is ours!

Our purpose in tax planning is to make sure all investment options are explored to maximize your tax return. We also explore the trade-offs of certain investment avenues and make sure you understand before you invest.

One of the most neglected elements of financial planning is estate planning – many people have a life insurance policy and feel they have done their part. True estate planning is more in depth than that.

Ultimately, no one wants to leave loved ones with too little or give too much of their assets away to taxes. A good estate plan will try to account for this as much as possible in advance.


Children's Education

Studies show that a higher education results in higher income and better life fulfillment. As parents, we want to make sure our kids are going to have those options and open as many doors as we can for them.

RESPs and trust accounts are the major way parents are saving for their children’s educations. We set up both for our clients and invest them, usually, in a lower risk strategy because they are generally required at a certain time no matter what.

Worby Wealth insurance planning is a little different, because we are more interested in ‘what happens if’ than we are if you have this insurance policy or that one. We want our clients to have Health Care Directives (HCD) so no one finds themselves in the emergency room guessing about what measures to take.


We want our clients to know what will happen if there is a disability so the insurance money side is not the mystery – in emergencies, there are already enough


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