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RRSP, TFSA, JWROS, LIRA, insurance – every industry has their language and this is ours!

Tax Planning Worby wealth managemet reig

Many people don’t know how each of these accounts work and, ultimately, why one is better than another and, for your particular situation, neither do we. Everyone’s tax situation is different and, depending on your resources, tax bracket and other variables, what makes sense for one household may not make sense for another. And if you happen to own an incorporated business or be a beneficiary of a trust, this gets even more complicated.

Our purpose in tax planning is to make sure all investment options are explored to maximize your tax return. We also explore the trade-offs of certain investment avenues and make sure you understand before you invest.

We have also taken up free tax preparation for all of our clients with invested assets over $250,000. We have found that some of the tax planning we have done has not seen its way through to the return because slips get missed in the mail or an account is mis-registered. Doing the planning and the follow up ensures that our plans get completed.

As a free service, we also provide tax preparation as a ‘thank you’ for people who choose to use our investment services.

Call today to get your tax planning process started.

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